One Man’s Trash…

one and a half hours. four stories.

no biggie.

Thanks to cat and dawg for relieving my tension headaches.

There are a few things that make me sad, including adults who tell on each other in public and people who smoke alone in their cars at work. add a Big Mac lunch anywhere in the mix, and the world will drown in hopelessness.

I had something important to say a moment ago. But for now, two more houses. One on Possum Road and another on Johnstown-New Albany-Alexandria-Philadelphia Road or something as equally complex. Also, this week’s VOC you shouldn’t feel sorry for:

A women in the 400 block of Lane Road FLAGGED DOWN A POLICE CRUISER to report a black male was sifting through her recyclables. Police found the 46-year-old bum with a Hefty full of aluminum cans and charged him with misdemeanor theft.

OH! Graduation party. That’s what I want to talk about in one and a half hours.

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