double trouble.

Please note that these are miniature cows … excuse me, miniature Herefords, who answer to the names Deuce and Monty. also, they’re as tall as a preschooler.

As we’re in the process of acquiring yet another house in the country, the following is an email I’m guessing not many wives receive from their husbands on a work day:


We could raise up to 5 ewes per acre, or 5 to 10 lambs.

If we don’t have a lot of land we could also raise a miniature steer.


Our love grows with each fleeting thought.

Speaking of love, Talya, yes. I would love to come to your party. send me an invitation! Also, there will be perhaps a low-key gathering prior to in ashland, but don’t tell my parents. They’re leaving for El Paso, and I don’t want them to know I’m having people over. I understand my father recently acquired a new axe-throwing target, so boozing, fire and the throwing of heavy, sharp objects will likely be in the works.

This post does leave a certain impression of me, doesn’t it?

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