say … you love Jesus.

you know how you have that aunt or uncle or grandma who, in reference to your gay friend, says something like “say, my neighbor’s son is gay. they should date.” because all gay people know each other and are automatically compatible?

the same thing happens in christianity.

the only rub being that, in a way, we are ordered to be automatically compatible. the arms and the feet and the head of One Body sort of thing. occasionally, the “say, you love Jesus” gets you something good, like Mae in a coffee shop or an apartment on Montrose Avenue. Other times it yields lesser gifts. usually books. or a Focus on the Family T-Shirt.

I wonder what treats those homosexuals get.

I think it’s totally endearing to have folks reach out to me in that way. But that’s probably because no one is trying to pass a law that makes it illegal for two Christians to kiss in public.

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  • Michele

    don’t forget about the plaques with Bible verses on them that you get for graduations and, I would imagine, weddings. and Thomas Kinkade. don’t forget about him.

    …maybe you know cooler Christians than I do.