also, Arby’s

I grabbed a roast beef combo on the way to my financial policies subcommittee meeting yesterday (I know.) and the drive-through cashier asked me if I wanted hot, mild or Horsey sauce to go along with my meal.

If you mean horseradish sauce, then yes. Yes I would like some horseradish sauce. But who, in any good conscience, could answer “Yes, I’ll take some Horsey sauce, please.” And I can’t imagine they get many “Excuse me, ma’am, but you forgot to include the extra Horsey in my sack.”

That is the smartest cost-saving initiative by any fast food company ever.

You know those Market Fresh Sandwich people have a reputation to uphold. If they didn’t, they’d be at McDonald’s. Horsey Sauce. Genius.

For the record, I told the cashier “No thanks.”

in other news, there is this kings of convenience song I’ve only been able to find on the world wide web. It’s called Misread and it’s the acoustic version and it totally rocks my world.

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  • Strader

    You do know that this cashier wasn’t crazy right? Arby’s, since I was a young pup has called it horsey sauce… I always loved that.

    Are you coming to my party? Are you having a party?