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If you choose to purchase your home “As Is,” these are the top five things you never want to hear your home inspector say… (It should be noted that you’ve paid $300 for your home inspector to be there):

1. I’ve seen houses in New Orleans in better shape than this one.
2. It would probably cost less to rent a bulldozer.
3. I’d say it’s “borderline uninhabitable.”
4. I don’t really feel comfortable standing here. (For fear of collapse)

Homebuying is fun.

Concluding statements.

-At our price range, any home with a tiny bit of acreage is likely to require some repairs. The trick is finding one we can get away with.
-This “home we can get away with” does exist or will exist. It will just take patience.

Also, I have been less that forthright with you. It was not a tapeworm, unfortunately, but just a stomach virus. I’m not sure where I acquired it, but I’m pretty sure it was God’s way of punishing me for tanning. Like, in one of those sweaty capsules with the lights and the sub-par disinfectant spray.

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  • Anonymous

    home hunting sucks! Matt and I have been house hunting for the last 3 months and have found not much. It might be different later tonight though. We are looking at two houses tonight. One we have seen before but didn’t think it was in the price range but now is…big story there…and we liked it so maybe when we see it again we might be considering it more.

    I am coming to Cbus on Tuesday night and staying until Wednesday evening. If you have time I would love to see you!

    Lyndsey H.

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