There’s no other way to say this, but.

There’s something weird about seeing your gynecologist in Panera, with his hands wrapped around a half a Sierra Turkey, eating in uncomfortable silence with his wife. Should I feel guilty? Because I did. What if she knows? How many other patients were in the local deli? I tried not to look either of them directly, but I sort of tripped near their table and had to acknowledge him. So…How about that Lord of the Rings? It was as awkward as usual, with a little less boob-touching. Seriously. Sick. Which reminds me. MAE?!

Man, you guys. Aaron and Kate bought 77 acres in West Virginia. I spoke personally with Jim Wallis. The time sprung forward. I was sought out by another employer. We found a house. My parents sort of decided move to El Paso. I had my first baby article published in Monthly. People got engaged and had their ovaries removed. People had pacemakers installed and others had their first birthday parties. Maybel went through her second heat cycle. These are all the things you missed.

So, I didn’t read everything I missed, but I did browse titles. What is your state? Are you broken? Are you Ohio? Have you moved, acquire pets, etc? I’m looking for a top five. To catch me up, as I didn’t really call anyone. I didn’t really learn anything. I just broke the fever, I think. Which is important.

Don’t worry. I filled my time with other media, with other games. More TV. I didn’t walk away with a prize or anything. In fact, for the first time in 5 years, Good Friday went by with no sort of extended reflection or prayer time. Because of the rain, I almost forgot it was Easter. Apparently, there is work to be done that takes longer than 40 days to fix. I’m happy to say it’s good to be back. But not better than it should be.

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