into the desert?

It’s bad news bears when you arrive at work before the Dispatch does.

In other news, I have been preparing for this for quite some time now.

I have been playing around with the idea of sacrificing blogging for Lent. (Read: or at least the first week of Lent, until I lose all self control and give up.)

I haven’t been in the habit of giving up something for Lent. It seems too Catholic to me, however. When I look at my husband’s face as I pop open the laptop for the evening, I get the feeling that I might have a problem.

Blogging is my gateway. Blogging leads to the links at the right and then myspace and facebook and webmail and cnn and cuteness in craft form and inevitably (I’m sorry)!

What begins at 8 p.m. can stretch on until midnight.

“Will you please not start the Internet tonight?” Seth asks.


So I think I might check everyone today and then check out for 40 days. Can that really happen?

I’d like to think now of all the things I’d miss, including candid and rare shots of Angelina and Brad showing affection in public (ohmigod..they’re holding hands!) I’ll miss random updates on old high school pals, intimate stories about my husband’s old girlfriends, inspiring tales of woe from everyone in Chicago, teasers and letters from Target.

What about Cat? What about semi-annual updates from Rankin? And Dobos? I have never spoken with her on the phone in my life.

What about those who I secretly stalk online? How will I communicate? Will I be forced to call people or write letters or worse — talk with them (gulp) face to face? What about the tragedy of these words carved into the screen for 40 days –without update?

What about my devoted fan base? Will I lose those 30 readers a day?

Who will comment?

It is now, at the hour most terrifying, that I turn off the light.

Perhaps the Lord will bless me in multitudes for this great sacrifice. (hint, hint, Lord.)

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  • Strader

    Maybe you could call me now?
    You really have no excuse I guess… I will talk to you soon.

  • jessm

    you will be missed. but i understand. good luck.

  • Megan

    THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY!!! What about my intimate stories!

  • cat.

    i wish you would still be here–your words are some of the ones i most look forward to. but i will of course honor your decision. keep on keeping on. and i’ll have it be known i started that one. oh yes i did.

    i hope you make the most of the time. and i’ll still be here, of course. we all will. time’s the revelator.

  • Monsterbeard

    My comments on here never go over well anyway.

    Good luck.

  • Michele

    In the words of someone else:
    I miss you. but i haven’t met you yet