eight is enough.

I waited at the tiny yellow table outside the rink for a good thirty minutes.

It was 11 a.m. on a Saturday. While most were still at home in their pajamas, I was waiting to interview a family of 13 at the WOW family fun center in Columbus.

It was a special day at the WOW. The Deaf Services Center was holding a fund raiser.

As the kids whizzed by on skates and blades, the DJ stood in his tower, microphone in hand, dancing and singing along to some wretched song by Avril Lavine. a few kids in the center signed to each other in exaggerated motions, tipping their heads back to roar in imaginary laughter.

The DJ continued, pumping music through the rink no one could hear. The tacky disco lights flashed. The children ran, jumped, played. The party had all the motions, but none of the accompanying noise.

An old man, obviously drunk, staggered around the rink, pulling himself along the wall. It was truly a bizarre situation.

Suddenly, No Doubt’s “Hey Baby” came on, and the DJ turned his attention to me — the lone teenager in a row of colorful mini-tables. He sang along with Gwen, all the while pointing to me, his “baby” and smiling. No one else seemed to be made uncomfortable by this.

My family never showed and neither did the photog. Somebody threw enough balls into Big Bertha to win an impressive amount of tickets.

When the old drunk man had finished his hot dog, I decided it was time to leave.

So I don’t really know what that was all about, but.

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