for my fans.

we laughed. we cried. we exchanged football stories.

did you know Jim Tressel knows about Miami Trace? weird. He is also very short. i’m talking eye-level.

i was riding the pride wave until one of my councilman called to say he had spent 40 minutes of face-time with the president of the united states of america. whatever. i would argue that tressel is more powerful in many circles.

this is one of those posts that has no inspiration.

i’m sorry to hear about sadness. i, too, feel the winter of our discontent. i suggest you curl up with maybel and watch movies all day long. have you seen punch-drunk love? it just arrived through netflix yesterday. it calls to me.

tiny house! i’m just trying to make a waffle! we need to get out of here. seriously, what’s a girl gotta do to get some acreage up in here? damn!

in pretend sorority news, just when i thought they had caught on, i received another note from katie, who is challenging my authority yet again.

Dear Lyndsey, I just read the minutes from Lc, and just curious as to why we are not electing a new COR chair. It’s one of the most important offices because recruiting is our number one priority as a chapter. I’m concerned about not electing one because this is an office that will be vital this quarter and again in the fall.

This is only one quarter of the actual email she sent me. she is very worried about recruitment. i’ll have to sleep on this one and write her back tomorrow.

in the corner of pathetic existence, i spent the last hour looking at pictures through facebook of old high school friends. it made me feel old. all my pictures are of me, my husband, my dog, my family. there is very little alcohol in any of my pictures, and only one partially nude photo. i am totally not hip enough to hang with the facebook crowd. i’m out to grab a nattie light.

also, i’m a mennonite, which never adds points to the scale of cool.

i highly recommend you check out the pictures that snark has discovered. here is a sample.

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