Sorority: One Step Closer

I’m elated.

I recently checked my college email account and in addition to an email from Mark Major, I found I have recently been named sorority president at OU.

Apparently someone gave out the wrong email address, because I am getting messages like this:

Hey Lyndsey, Last night when we named off the women who still owe money a lot of people around me were very uncomfortable. Then when I was thinking about it I realized that I too would be upset if my neglagence was announced to the entire chapter. I think Katie F. used to send private e-mails to just them and that might be more appropriate. A lot of younger members were sitting around me and they seemed a little freaked that we did that.

and this

I was wondering if you had sent out a contact list of the officers. I need to get ahold of some girls, and I was wondering if they had made up a list yet for LC. Please let me know if you can.

Now the dilemma. Do I….?

Yes, yes I do.

Lauren, I’ll have that contact list out right away and Gravelle (wtf?) you’re right, private emails would be more appropriate. Which girls looked worried? I need names.

I promised myself I’d always answer all fan letters personally.

In other news, the new job and the promotion and the loads of extra cash are all transitioning well into my life. Ha! Seriously though I like my new beats.

and I’ve changed my name to Teter Bot both as a tribute to my former place of employment and to avoid embarrassing google searches.

These people seem a bit more user-savvy when it comes to the world wide web.

Don’t worry. Disclaimers remain posted.

For the record, tomorrow is Maybelline’s first birthday. Perhaps we’ll get her a high chair and a cake and pose one of those typical first year pictures with the chocolate smeared all over the face and the party hat, etc.


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