Nothing gold can stay pt. 2

Cat, as many of you know, has occupied the Coveted First Slot in’s link it up section for several months. She has continued to provide us with timely, insightful life blurbs. We can all learn from the way she blogs.

A new kid has recently emerged, and although he has been blogging only one day, I feel this kind of pressure might keep him in the game. It’s like giving the lifetime achievement award alongside best new artist. No pressure, newbie, but you better blog well and you better blog often. Congrats on your achievement! I doubt you know how valuable a position you are in.

You will now join the likes of greats like Mae and Catherine…just saying the names back to back like that makes me pee a little.

Check newbie out at the right. some of you are closer to him than others.

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  • Mae

    Number two I can handle. But this? THIS is an outrage!

  • Megan

    so now I’m out of the top seven.