the last time i saw jesus

i was drinking bloody marys in the south — at a bar room in New Orleans — rinsing out a bad taste in my mouth.

i love that.

anyway, this weekend brought a trip to porkopolis, thanks to the help of many friends. similiar credit goes to the many friends who worked together to keep me there.

Word from our Honda Civic Division shows in addition to the gas cap that no longer pops open when you push down on the button (regardless of how far below empty you are…) we are experiencing a flatness of tires.

The verdict is still out as to whether said tires were slashed or we drove through a nail field.

I’ll let you know if they find anything, so that you may direct your hatred toward either a nail or an unknown offender.

I was paralyzed and bitching about it when a friend on the other side of my cubicle wall mentioned she had also planned to attend the southeast engine concert in Cincinnati. A perfect coincidence. I rode with her. It was extremely pleasant. We ate Taco Bell. We probably talked about you.

After paying $10 at the York Cafe, Mae and I left pre-10:30 because of excessive noise and smoke inhalation, but not before I got to hug Leo and his tousled red mop and make awkward eye contact with Rem. I think he still remembers. The money was not a loss because the event was a benefit for the young lady who died. You would know her by her laugh.

I was a bit disturbed to finally make the connection. the phone call I received in september on the way to find the other dead girl’s body informed me of this one’s accident. too many bones.

While Mae and I were chatting peacefully on the bar sofa, the manager yelled at us for ignoring the plight of the baby-wielding family and “the cripple.”

If you ask me, if he was so worried about them having a seat, he should put more tables at his restaurant. And for the record, the wheelchair guy did not make use of the couch after the manager chased us away.

The story here is that we cut out early, bought some adult beverage supplies, goat cheese and some strawberries, and went back to her place for movies and…you guessed it.

foot rubs.

don’t judge us. she’s good. I can’t get service like that anywhere in columbus, ok? it was everything I wanted it to be, plus waffles!

IT is Sunday and we just got back from our Mennonite Bible study. We are both swearing in a bad way.

The subject of the chapter was Palestine/Israel.

Seth cursed at the man who used the phrase “The U.N. could solve this overnight if the religious community would push them to do so.”

I cursed at the thought that christians in palestine are probably not sitting in a circle discussing how best to solve the problems of Columbus.

We are both angry yet have still done nothing to help anyone here.

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  • jessm

    don’t worry, southeast engine sucks now b/c adam torres, while talented at the guitar, sucks ass at singing and over powers REM in the worst way imaginable. you might have thrown up or cried if you saw it. that is what usually happens to me. i will see if it is still bad at donkey on friday, but i do not have much hope.

  • Michele

    heyyyyyy. I was just listening to that song yesterday on the bus, and loving loving it. that’s all.

  • Monsterbeard

    I didn’t know about the concert for the girl who died. I’m glad you went then. You would definitely know her by her laugh.

    During the Israel discussion, did anyone bring up the new Israeli tactic of disengagement and what effect it might have on a lasting peace agreement?