I am also this, which seems the most boring to me.

what flavor pocky are you?

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and this. which sounds gross.

You Are Chocolat Orange Pocky

Your attitude: funky and flavorful
Rich and deep – yet zingy and zesty
You are the perfect partner in crime

Hey guys, we have run the gauntlet and thrown down the gamut this weekend.

First, from our Good News Bureau, we broke the cycle of lies and finally treated ourselves to a movie. In the theater. For the first time since the year 2004.

King Kong was the winner.

Why King Kong? Because the only advantage of the theater is the giant screen and the deafening noise. We determined a movie about a giant monkey on a rampage would best be served in this environment. So, for the price of an entire month of Netflix, we went to a talkie. It did not disappoint.

Seth said I ruined it with my banter.

I admit to the taboo of occasionally commenting on the ridiculousness of the plot line during the film, which!

although King Kong is about a giant monkey who falls in love, I believe I am allowed to ask questions like “what is his motivation for getting in the taxi and having the monkey chase him? That seems like it would just cause more trouble…” and “why are they out-running the dinosaurs?” — I believe these questions are valid and it is not at all irresponsible to comment “this is so unrealistic.”

If Peter Jackson would have given us a break from a) Naomi Watts’ expression and b) cheesy acting, while at the same time tweaking some of the more ridiculous plot lines just a bit, it would have been the best movie ever. Everyone hopes monkeys have feelings.

All the same, Seth was impressed by my stamina. At home, I tend to “get bored” during a movie very quickly and somehow ruin it for both of us. Here, for three hours, I sat in my chair and watched. I did not leave my seat once!

If you have read so far and decided I am the worst date ever — you are more right than you know.

Now for life.

From our Bad News Bureau, there is a dark cloud. and there is no way to not say this, despite its unfortunate order behind the silliness above, but my sister-in-law lost her baby over the weekend. It is very strange and sad and impossible to know how you feel about something so small until you lose it, I guess.

I assumed the baby would be like Jacob. It would grow and I would feel her belly and it would be born and there would be celebrations and pictures and Christmas. And I would have a niece or a nephew to increase my baby envy ten-fold.

But this baby had a genetic misstep, and wasn’t able to develop any further than it did before it died. The good news is that should they want to, they can try again.

Seth said, I didn’t know I loved it, but I did. and I think that works best here. Apparently, this sort of loss happens a lot all over the world, but this is my first second hand experience with it. It makes me quiet.

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  • Megan

    Sadly, it seems to be the season for this. “it makes me quiet” is an accurate description for this feeling. good words.

  • L-Jo

    i am totally “in to” tea.

    haha. loved it.

  • L-Jo

    that totally was supposed to go somewhere else.