If I could say anything about today I would say

hey people, be prepared to do your effing job.

and damn, the ‘burg is ugly…to the point where driving through makes me physically ill.

There is nothing more disturbing than a Quik Lube or a Mac Donald’s or a So-And-So’s Auto Parts sign slathered atop a squatty brick base. Parts of old power lines have been shoved underground but their remains creep to the edge of the street.


No multi-million dollar streetscape phase one or to or ten will cure what ails you, baby ‘burg. You are doomed. Get a bulldozer.

And the same goes for you, Whitehall.

In other news, don’t tell the burglars, but seth will be attending a farm conference in NashVegas this weekend. He said he “told me,” but I don’t believe him. I’ll be flying solo until Tuesday.

This evening I found a tiny note shoved in with all the junk mail and coupon catalogs. On it were scribbled a few words from a dear friend who lives all the way in effing Cincinnati. There was no envelope or stamp. Which makes me wonder what she meant by “sorry.”

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