blood work.

Here we are at 4:30 a.m.

Christmas was fantastic.

We stayed in the middle of nowhere. I watched woodland creatures roam about in the backyard. I read books. I drank coffee. I chased turkeys with Maybel. Well, I could have. if I wanted to.

Also, a house. I want one.

That was just a warm up.

I am going to be an aunt again. I’m the only Teter woman who has yet to bear fruit, if you will. I am very much ok with this. Pretend Grandma Dorothy is not. Sister-in-law Christy, mother of Jacob, decided we should probably be pregnant in two years. Unfortunately, that means she will “probably lap” us. That’s so funny.

It’s time for boring work stories with L-Jo.

Once upon a time, there was a man who was applying for a job in the public sector. The man began his cover letter with the following:
“Dear Honorable Mayor: Since you are in need of a new development director — We should talk.”
Although ‘since’ is hilarious, ‘We should talk,’ in this case, is the masterstroke.
I’m sorry if you work with me and are hearing this story a second or third time.

Also, at Christmas.

Pretend Grandma Dorothy is Moravian. I had never heard of this before. it’s a real thing. In Tuscarawas she attends a Moravian church and we were urged — at great lengths — to attend her Putz. (Pronounced Poots) Go see the Putz! Do you have time to stop by the putz? the putz. the putz!

So we went to the first showing of the putz on Tuesday night.

It was one of those moments you sit, mouth partially opened, gripping the seat as something unbelievable plays out before you. it keeps happening but you don’t have a notebook and you KNOW you’re NEVER going to be able to recreate it.

The basic gist – the Putz is the story of Jesus, told in miniatures with incredible detail. Lots of tiny plastic baby lambs and angels and prophets with a mini Jerusalem and a mini baby savior. It is all one scene. A single light follows the story. A scratchy soundtrack accompanies each scene. You can hear the tape change.

Something large crashed behind the scenes as angels were visiting mini mary. the curtain operators were arguing as the mini shepards made their way to bethlehem.

I urge you to go. For heaven’s sake. See the Putz.

I have to go I need to interview a barber in 6 hours.

Access Hollywood is on.

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