brother, let’s go down.

We are on our way to Tuscarawas.
Merry Christmas all.
So much time spent with family. I love it.
I don’t expect you’ll be seeing me leave the state any time soon. Sometimes I get jealous (ahem-) of those who can just take off willy-nilly with nothing there to hold them back. Sometimes I think it would be easier to settle ones mind on going rather than staying. Hard once you got there,of course, but exhilarating. Remeber Washington D.C.? The feeling in the pit of my stomach was probablysimilar to that of skiing down a mountain or having a baby — and for weeks at a time!
All vagueness adside, hey chris, I only hate your freedom and am jealous of it. I know that leaving Ohio is something not in the cards for us anytime soon, but I miss the feeling of starting out in a new city — which has happened almost 4 times in my life — but! — was amazing all the same.

Congrats and good luck and also, Talya? What’s up with that girl and when are you asking her out or whatever? I think I am old enough to be able to tell you publically not to be a pussy? Perhaps not.
Seth is driving and I am surfing the net on his Blackberry, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Times we have almost crashed while looking at something hilarious Maybel is doing: 4.

See you on the other side of ham, potatoes and pie.

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  • Monsterbeard


    Merry Christmas. I think you are old enough not to use the word pussy. If you’re in such a rush for me to “ask her out or whatever” then maybe you won’t be invited.

    I agree about skiing down a mountain, except that the hill is full of those flags used in the slalom, and you’ve never done that before, and you are whipping by them so close that they almost sting your face. And you’re not sure if you’ll ever get to the bottom.

    merry christmas.

  • Anonymous

    I feel threatened.

    Merry Chruistmas.

  • Megan

    Props to the “I’m in Ohio for the holidays again” post.
    Much love to you and yours.
    Ho ho ho.