don’t give me your courtesy.


the following message is specifically for brittiny.

it happened again.

and this one, for katie.

number two?

is my husband’s long-lost friend. a columbus man once? he attended the same church, played in the same praise band, and then disappeared off the face of the earth. i went to his house once. we listened to a rufus wainwright record. this would be weird if we are thinking of the same man. welcome to crazytown starring mayor roger rabbit.

and little hands?

i want to know what is going on in your life. update.

this is almost nothing i really wanted to say.

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  • cat.

    i know number two, too. he’s also my long-lost friend. that’s how this whole thing got started. and….weird. i know what happened to him, even. well, up to a point. i’ve invited him to my new year’s party. the plot thickens.

  • Katie

    Perhaps your husband should make him his unlost friend. If I lived anywhere near this dude, I would make Amelie look like an amateur.

  • L-Jo