i know your i.p.

sorry for the flourish of new posting, but recent stat counts suggest my audience is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Hence, the addition/disclaimer. (see right.)

In case you weren’t aware, I have this counter that tells me about my visitors. Actually, I don’t know your name, (I mean, I can pretty much guess Cincinnati, Hudson, Akron, Athens and Seattle…although Lumberport, WV has me baffled…) but I do know your location, what you typed in Google to get here, how many pages you looked at and how long you visited, etc.

Don’t worry or be misled. I don’t care about any of these things other than referrals – those are always hilarious. And if you stay longer than 5 minutes, I assume you’ve gone to fix sandwich or walk the dog.

The only thing that makes me nervous are those of you who visit from blacklick or any other place dangerously close to my coverage area. I don’t care that you are here or else I wouldn’t have posted it online. I just wanted to clear the air a bit and make everyone more comfortable with the whole idea.

I am spying on you spying on me.

The Point: Everyone should walk away from this conversation feeling dirty.

Please come back. I’ll be sad if you don’t.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll take the blame for some of the increased traffic, as I get very bored here at work sometimes, and instead of talking to you across the partition, I’d rather just stalk you online.

    But I’m not in Blacklick, so you can’t blame me for that ‘un.


  • Katie

    Which public official do you suspect is here? I am catching up on all your entries. I’m disappointed about the crush site. I was trying to trick the machine. But it tricked me! Number two is my real crush. If you come across that man, send him my way.