teenage dirtbag

re: link below. Can you imagine how that would rock your world in the seventh grade?

Now junior high girls are using the internet to destroy the planet. I’m glad they are too distracted to set their sights on world affairs. Can you imagine the terror?Insurgents would be reduced to weeping, journaling in their diaries.

In other words, junior high was hard for me.

But wasn’t I just as mean? When I was in sixth grade, an uber-dorky kid confessed his undying love for me on the playground, to which I replied, “I hate you. No girl will ever like you.” In a few short years, he was kissing other dudes. I realize he was probably gay during the playground confession, however. what if he’s wasn’t? what if he was ‘right on the edge’ and i pushed him over into a life of discrimination? or worse – what if he isn’t really even close to being gay, but just concluded that I was right — that no girl, in fact, would ever like him — and he resigned himself to living with a man whom he would never love !?!?

In other words, i have problems with self-absorption. and guilt. and queers?

Can you be ‘right on the edge’ of being gay? Most I have spoken with about it say no, but you can be in denial. and you can ‘pray for it to go away,’ which is about the saddest thing i can imagine happening ever.

anyway, i just had a reuben. i’m warming up to type three weeks of stories so that i may enjoy my ‘time off.’ in the meantime, i will be doubling my work during ‘time on.’

seth is making christmas bowls on his lathe downstairs. they are to be gifts for his mother and, as i understand it, some of her friends. maybel is going mental over a walnut. she is trying to break it open by licking it repeatedly. we are a unique family.

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