Thirty-nine cent stamps? WTF?!?

I like to type with a pencil in my teeth or twisted up in my hair.

Perhaps it’s because of those scenes in the movies when composers are hitting their stride and they play a little and then make a mark on the sheet of music in front of them.

Unfortunately right now, Maybel the dog is also particularly interested in getting said pencil in her mouth. This whole thing does not work as well with a bulldog hanging off the other end.

We are imitating those two bitches who wrote the sex column at the post.

Hey guys, so. I feel good about several pieces of writing this week.

Only a few things I wanted in were edited out.

Words I lost, among other things, include: Goat and Johnny DiLoretto.

Why is it that we always see more retards and old people during the holidays?

And I mean retards only in the ‘there’s something about mary’ way, and not the mental retardation way.

But seriously, every newscast there are at least a dozen of them — getting tassered by police or shopping with the Blue Jacket’s.

Tomorrow I am interviewing a 100-year-old Alzheimer’s patient named Mae. Yes, Mae. I couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s an angel,” they said. Of course she is.

Maybe you’ll be able to interview a retard named Lyndsey?

I am probably going to hell.

In other news, our Mennonite bible study class began last week. We are reading Jim Wallis. I know it’s soooo 2004, however, I feel all these issues will be coming to a head once again with the governor’s race well on its way, thanks to Jim Petro. Did you SEE that add?

“Hi. I’m Jim Petro, and gay marriage and abortion are the most important issues in Ohio. And don’t worry. I hate queers.”

Here we go agaaaaaaiiiinnnnn.

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  • cat.

    actually, they won’t let you pass the bar in ohio if you don’t hate queers. i know! what state doesn’t?

  • Monsterbeard

    Is that a direct quote?