on bibles. or why being 23 is exactly what they told me it would be.

or (Mother, cover your ears.)Fuck You Very Much, November.

i had such a good quote for a blog title a second ago.

it was lyrics.


anyway, so in response to Nadine. (ha!) Chris, and anyone can answer here, does it feel like God moves much more slowly after college?

I feel like change came so quickly in college. Twelve weeks brought out an entirely different person in me. There was always some new concept or perspective to wrap my head around. Some new wisdom. Some new parable. Or at least some new class. But now? nothing!

I have not changed in 2 years. Was it the internet that did this to me? I feel I have not grown aside from knowing what it’s like to live with and love a man, obviously. But he’s not enough. I have relied soley on him for comfort. I have become way too comfortable in my couch nest, watching television and blogging, with seth building something in the basement.

We make beautiful bowls and pens now, did I tell you?

I feel I am being primed for some big change or some big defeat or some great victory!

What the heck is happening here? Is it winter? Is it movement?

God has been so quiet. I don’t know if it’s because I’m painting the book of James or what, but I feel motivated for you, brother. We are on the bleeding cusp!

I’m telling you, sons of bitches, watch Lord of the Rings.

An earlier point: God moves slowly after college.

I have become increasingly lazy. Has he taken all he can from me?

In the meantime, reality says I am going to clean the shit out of my hedgehog’s wheel, do some dishes. some laundry. and i’m going to finish my resume. there is an opening i want to pursue.

young people are dying all around us. are you next? what will the reporters say about you?

sidenote: if i die violently or unexpectedly, and reporters come knocking, please PLEASE talk to them. They hate what they have to do as much as you hate hearing from them. Tell them everything. Tell them about the drowning/decapitation/knife/strip club/boozing/parade float that killed me. Give them all the details. Conside this my dying wish. Refer them to this blog.

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