don’t hold yourself like that. you’ll hurt your knees.

i’m sorry to be posting so much, but it’s getting cold and therefore time to turn off the lights, bust out the wine, chunks of bread, cheese, and put on a good compact disk or record. i was just wondering…has anyone heard/purchased the new sigur ros cd? i was considering it, but it seems that every cd i buy legally ends up sucking terribly. i am cursed.

other cds on my wishlist include most recent albums of:
bright eyes
damien rice
kings of convenience

i wish nick drake was still alive.
i am so 2003.

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  • Michele

    I really really like the new Sigur Ros album.

  • if you guess my name i’ll email you the album

    i really really like the new sigur ros album. love it, even.

  • michele

    if you can’t guess the mystery name, then i’ll email you the album.

  • Anonymous

    michele, i want to be lyndsey’s friend, damn you. quit hording in! we can’t possibly both do it!

  • L-Jo

    don’t worry my babies. you can all buy me presents. there is plenty of room in my heart for every dollar. i mean person. person.

    ps- i have no idea who anonymous is. steve? gutenberg? is that you? again?