me and you and everything i hate

i just watched this movie. awful.

i’m sorry.

but i mean, come on. looking at Enjoyed By Members Who Enjoyed, you’d think this would be my next favorite movie ever. i’m a little disappointed, that’s all.

speaking of the talkies, Seth and I have not seen a movie in a theater since 2004. hearing this, you’d think omg! they can’t live without movies! but we can. i encourage you to try. you see a preview and think omg! i have to see that – now! and then you wait. one week. two weeks. one month. two months. and soon? it’s crept up to the top of your list on Netflix. and you’ve saved yourself 16 bucks. and you’ve grown. as a person. from the sacrifice.

i interviewed a few marines today. wow. where have all the cowboys gone? these boys were beefy and trimmed and gorgeous. and they had just spent the last 7 months getting shot at. with bullets. flying at their heads. watching comrades die. in war.

what on earth do you ask someone when they’ve just come back from iraq?

“hi. so. tell me. how was war?”

turns out most of them are upset at the media. and they all said “get the bad guys” a lot, which was scary. all at once, i was sad they might have been turned to robots and also, wow. these guys were good-looking. isn’t that the worst thing you’ve ever heard? i think it is the high percentage of less-than-masculine boys in my life crashing head-on with this other kind of man.

i gotta go read wild at heart and kill a deer or something.

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  • Monsterbeard

    Irony in action:

    Talya and I went out to the movie theater and saw the movie Jarhead tonight. It deals with a marine’s experience in the first Gulf War. I suppose you should see it. It is… hard. Like Platoon, only it feels more real.

    I’m sorry if I was unreasonably assholish at the wedding (unreasonably being a key word. I was drunk)

    If my comment could have a title, it would be:
    Welcome to the Suck

  • Anonymous

    Little Lyndsey, i just watched that movie too. I put it on my list of worst movies I have ever seen. normally i love movies with kiddie porn, but this was the exception.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, that’s too bad. I liked it. Bob.


  • L-Jo

    ha! bob. is that a bengal tiger?

    chris. you weren’t obnoxious. or drunk. oohhh burn.
    i’m kidding. you did say something about seth and i trying to make a baby, which was confusing. and the nun-chucks? that was scary.

  • Monsterbeard

    You originated the baby talk with the post about the taco baby. And I know everyone here will back me up on that. As for the nunchucks, Maddy is dangerous. Watch yourself.

    That movie sounds disturbing, especially when it says “rated R for scenes of sex with children” or something.

  • L-Jo

    ha. taco baby. who could forget that? that was after a big taco meal. does everyone know that? also, for the record, we are not trying to create another earthling. but chris, do you remember making some other sort of comment like “i thought you guys were trying for a family” or something along those lines… i’m not really sure why i took offense to that.