a poor excuse for an update

i am so going to have to change my name if i ever hope to say anything worthwhile on here again.

this week’s random hint at a story:

two turtles. one named peas and one named carrot.
apparently they both love NASCAR and Saturday morning cartoons.
they are not Methodists.

ahhhhh…my insides. my insiiiides.

perhaps it’s best not to talk poorly about another human being anyway.

let’s talk about my dog, then, shall we?

Maybel fell down the steps to our yard and scraped her face. she came in bleeding and crying like a damn baby. right now she is climbing the arm of the couch so she can jump down onto the pillow and wrestle it. again.

finished up The Office Special, set three years after the end of the show. I actually cried. Although this time it wasn’t sad tears. David Brent is amazing. and Dawn and Tim…wow.

so. mennonite church.

topic week one:

Do elephants weep? and do we care? — a sermon on being a Biblical steward of animals. Does this mean being a vegetartian? Does this mean buying organic meat?

It was excellent. Actually, I’ve heard better discussions, but the fact that a church with young people and old people and everything in between was addressing the subject made me leap with joy. you know, afterward.

Seth was all fired up as a result. He has a very unique persepctive representing farmers all over Ohio. I don’t think it was an accident that we showed up at 9:15 in the morning at a mennonite church where the subject was farming. I don’t think that was an accident at all.

We have a really good chat with the pastor afterward. I am encouraged by what I see.

Subject week two:

Poverty. In Clintonville, Columbus, Ohio and the Nation and Beyond.

Mostly the poverty in Clintonville part excited me. local specifics and a list of real things to do about it. are you kidding me?

That is neat. (as in ‘Sean. You are the same height as me,’ kind of neat.)

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