RE: your thoughts and concerns

i am finishing the last martini possible with the supplies we have left in the house.

this declaration makes seth mad a) because it’s not a martini, it’s a margarita
and b) because i am putting olives in a glass of tequila blanco con margarita mix and prancing around the house bragging about my “martini.”

listen. i had “an original house martini” at applebees and i SWEAR there was salt on the rim. salt. on the rim. of. the. martini. so leave me alone, ok? i’m not trying to be all jimmy buffet and shit.

i know i mention some sort of alcohol in ever post, but i promise. i’m okay. ssssrrrioosssly.

i do this thing now where i mix up a drink or have a glass of wine every day after work or with dinner. supposed to be healthy, right? antioxidants or something.

anyway, can i talk more about brittiny? ha! i said your name. i know she reads this occasionally, so i must give her props. the girl is a genius. way too sophisticated for me, i know. but i’m working on it. she’s going to take me shopping one day.

she is going to teach me that it is okay to spend over $40 on A piece of clothing. oh boy. my stomach turns to think of it.

sidenote: if you’re married to seth, the following does not constitute as a threat;
“I’m going to blog about this!”

In fact, the most it will do is lead to an awkward pause as you wait for an outrage that will never materialize.

do i tell the same stories over an over again?

Chris – The worst curse you can put upon a blog is a promise to update “daily.” I’m proud of your efforts and hope to be a part of the team in some way. But I will not update “daily.” (You hear that, gods of post?!)

i feel like we are all in the same place. there is not one among us that is faithful. not one.

i went to a mennonite church on sunday. more on this later.

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