52 minutes until Numb3rs

Seth and I just watched Bodysong.

An unintentional welcome party for winter. We had wine as well. bad move.

Afterward, we just looked at each other, then the floor…He went to lathe. I reached for the lap top.

It’s actually not as good as it could have been, but it gets the award for Most Births in a Feature Film. I can safely say have never seen so many bloody baby heads in my life.

I feel like writing something good.

I didn’t say I could.

Guys, I just looked at our online wedding pictures and was reminded how young and happy we all are. And good-looking! Good show, friends. Good show.

When you are running for public office, never let google keep this information. Oh how I wish I could hear Mae ride the pun train into the ground there. (Seth has an empty seat beside him…)

Your City Council term of the week:


“Looks like we’re being ramboozled here.”
- Prominent Eastside Attorney.

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