at least one of these things is completely untrue.

oh no, here comes that sun again.

so i think i’ve been trying to hide from the lord, god almighty.

it’s been over a month and i’m in the mood to tell you, aunt, uncle, brother, cousin, ex-boyfriend, mother, spam robot, that i haven’t been praying or listening or speaking or feeling in a little while longer than i should and i’m almost (thisclose) to the point of getting up early, making some coffee, reading the bible, etc. how many times am i allowed to say that?

i read everyone else’s blogs and i am happy for the diversity in your thoughts! my blog is usually about three things: job. dog. or fashion. you are breathing! growing! living! if you’re trying to fake it, you’ve done it well. i am convinced you’re happy. with or without him. i am not suspicious.

i’m the one with the problem, here.
i have seen god sneak in to meetings and abandoned buildings and my belly and i think about athens and how there was at least a week where i would get up and read my bible and pray for at least an hour every day. wow. do you remember that? isn’t that some crazy shit? and i felt so connected and so alive, with a purpose, even! and not just being there to cover city council spats or columbus happenings — i mean, that’s a good part of it, but what’s the point if you’re dying, anyway? — and i was scared to death the whole time.

remember the front room? and all the crazy things that happened there? wow.

shit, man.

this house is messy! i haven’t felt like this since i was on birth control.

so i have some great friends at work.

a former sorority president! can you believe it?! i never thought … we’re so different, but it’s worked out really well so far. for me at least. she has broadened my horizons. and she lets me stare at her for that hour on Monday after i have turned in all my stories (8-10!)and my brain is complete mush and i can’t really do anything but that.

she and our commentary editor, whose picture i can show you, came to paul bunyan with me. isn’t that nice?

have you stayed with me this long?

i owe you something.

a secret.

come close.

right now, i am growing a baby inside my belly. and it’s not seth’s!

did you ever think you’d type “taco baby” in a google image search and come up with just what you needed? god bless the dubya-dubya-dubya. amen

my editor told everyone i had some magazine-y like profile stories. and he never tells anyone anything good, or so i hear! score! ha!

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  • cat.

    wait. i…..what? you had me until i came closer and saw the picture of the baby wrapped in the taco chip. then…what? am i clapping my hands here and smoking a cigar, or am i laughing and eating a burrito? i need clarification on my motivation.

  • L-Jo

    haha…i was going specifically for the reaction there.

    it was just a taco belly. actualy, a burrito baby, so the photo was not entirly acurate.

    ps – my goal is, and has been for a while, that when i finally do announce that i’m actually pregnant with a real human baby, if that ever happens, then no one will beleive me. Then! when i get fat, it will be really awkward for everyone. they won’t be sure if i am pregnant, or fat and lying again. ha! i can’t wait.
    i’m pretty sure that makes me a lousy friend.

  • cat.

    not a lousy friend, just a big fat liar.

  • cat.

    just kidding! ha!(?)!