we call her our pig in a blanket.

Maybel is not very happy in her pants/diaper/pad combo.

She walks like a pregnant lady. and humps like one as well, i imagine.

I spent the day chasing ghosts. Sixty miles in the Honda and I came up empty-handed. I didn’t even get to be on tv. My own mother wouldn’t even answer the phone when I called — let alone the city auditor.

There is a Rod Parsley Jr. growing up in Reynoldsburg. Don’t feed it after midnight. I drove by his mansion this afternoon. Is it illegal to put a note in someone’s mailbox? If so, I’m totally going to be fired and arrested. (development!)

Speaking of, I saw the first disc of season two last night. muy bien.

Do dogs get cramps?

Is 32 oz. of gatorade too much?

How drunk will I get tomorrow?

Will Bexley replace their pool?

I really wish I had something useful for you here.

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