maybel puked on my neck while i was asleep.

i’m at the critical point in my career where i need to seriously consider whether or not i want to pursue my work as an amateur lumberjack.

Saturday, also called by many “A Damn Shame” proved a very unsuccessful round of what has been an roller coaster of emotion in this field.

Out of fifteen possible points, I secured one.

This is not what the crowd wants to see. Especially in its female participants.
In axe throwing, as in several other things, no one cares what you do in practice. “But can you do it when it matters — as it matters in battle?” as Mr. Wallace has asked, and rightly so.

So I have some options at this point, which include, as my father has told me, participating while slightly intoxicated and therefore numbed to piercing eyes of the crowd, or to submit defeat and enjoy next year’s festival from the sidelines.

Do i continue to make an ass out of myself or not?
I think the answer is tentatively yes.

It is better to have tried and failed?

At what point or ratio does this become obsolete?

I think of Tim, the overweight high jumper. I think of Martin Luther King. I think of Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich. I think of others.

More on this next October.

Thanks, as I have said, to everyone who hollered for me. Much thanks. Without you, I would have only the halfhearted pity claps enforced by the event’s announcer.

When I got home (eventually, after trips to Hillsboro and the Mead Paper Factory) and fell asleep in bed, I woke to the heaving sounds of my bulldog’s belly, and the warm liquid chunk of her insides sliding down my neck/face area to my shoulders and back. Can’t say I’ve ever had that happen before. This whole weekend must be God’s lesson in humility. Well done…Well done.

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  • jessm

    dude, i say never give up. even though you did not do as well as you might have liked, you still had fun. i hope you continue to compete.