all dressed up, no where to go.

Disaster has struck in our family in the form of our first irreversible health condition.

Our bitch has demonic mange.

I’m sorry. Let me speak again. Maybel has generalized demodectic mange.

We thought she was pink because she is part pig.

It turns out, however, that she lacks the common immune defense to suppress the spread of these mites. all dogs have these mites on their bodies, however, our baby has turned into a drunken orgy fest for these terrible creatures.

the vet promised it was not because she likes to lay by the toilet. it’s like HIV of the hair follicles.

Do you know what this means?

We cannot breed Maybel.

Her demonic-encrusted line dies…with her.

Please be sensitive during our time of loss. We were looking forward to many many days and nights of this. and this.

this is bad news for my mother, who was secretly hoping for a half-price half-retarded pup from her loins. sorry mom. maybe next bitch.

I just hope I’m fertile. wouldn’t want these genes to go unpassed.

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  • Megan

    Oh you poor babies- and your poor sweet little girl. I read from that link that the MOM passes that problem on. I think you should bring this up with your breeder because now you have one of those Mangy-Mutts-Who-Is-Really-Purebred dogs. Hang in there kiddo, you could have mangy puppies if you really needed to.
    :o (