oh how i wish i could

expand on some of the things i have seen and heard and learned. I’m only afraid that I’ll get burned. Remember the guy who blogged about the greatness of his penis? That could happen to me! What if I accidentally talk about my penis? Perhaps I’ll start a new blog. An anonymous one, where the characters are “loosely” based on people I run into every day.

Yes. Yes. I like this idea. Perhaps I’ll call it…wait. i’m not going to tell you what i’ll call it. You’ll have to email me. (lj200100@ohio.edu)

Oh no I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to start an anonymous reporter’s blog. Yes I am. No I’m not! It cannot be confirmed! What is truth? what is real? are you confused? Who am I? A doctor? a lawyer? a mayor? a councilmen? a representative of the board of committee? You don’t know! HA!

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