you are not welcome here.

you do very good job blog.

i come back here check you out for sure!

usa super-star blogging!

yeah! super-duper blog like micheal jordan!

big dunk style super blog hot hot hot like mj. me come back super soon for sure!

is there any way to block these people from our sites?

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  • Kathy

    Yeah, there is. Select the word verification in the comments section of your settings. NO MORE COMMENT SPAM!!!!

  • Megan

    I find them uplifting. Sometimes I never get comments. And plus, I enjoy trying to correct their grammar…

  • Bob

    yeah! super-duper blog like micheal jordan!

    No, really, super-duper blog like Michael Jordan.


  • L-Jo

    thanks, kathy.

    a o k bob u s a !