i have what it takes.

today i was asked “why are you so pissed off every day?”


anyway, i was reading colleen’s question about nick drake, which really made me want to listen to him. then, i clicked on the link on megan’s blog, which brought me some elliot smith. close. oh so close.

today i fell asleep during the ohio state game. i woke up to my fathers and brothers by law. i cheered the usa on to a 2-0 victory. i craved fall. i wanted winter, even.

have you guys ever been outside in a heavy snowfall at dark when no one – not a soul – is up or out? i did once. it was a total movie moment. i think i had made myself sad about something and smoked a cigarette. i know that doesn’t sound beautiful, but it was.

basically, this music isn’t helping.

our temporary neighbor has left. this makes me surprisingly sad. he has a new girlfriend.

at least we still have his cat.

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