am i sincerely sorry for your loss

too much death. too many bones!

have you ever called to harass someone who recently lost a child?

there are many different kinds of reactions, but it actually goes much better than you think it would.

seriously though, what the heck is going on? I look forward to a weekend of non-death and non-media. i’m sorry if this sounds selfish, but the fires have been burning too long. turn off your tvs and radios. ignore the world’s problems! Just send a check.



Patrick J’s

Blue moon


These are the only words that will be important to me for the next three days. That and CALL MAE.

I miss you girl.

Colleen and company, it was great to see you. a tease none the less. also, beer-smuggling at Max & Erma’s is totally worth the risk. I didn’t even get pulled over once!

i’ll have to read about all the Apple concert entries now. Drum solo!?

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  • Michele

    lyndsey teter–that does not sound selfish at all. this is the best post i’ve read all week.