Lyndsey v. Matt Lauer, Oprah, etc.

Have I shown you a picture of my nephew, also my god son (not to be confused with son of god)? You know, the one we gave the rock to? Isn’t he adorable? You should see him when his mother shoves his toes into his mouth and says “eatchourfoot eachourfoot eachourfoot” (translated: eat your foot)

It’s hilarious. I hope something similar to this happens at graduation. It actually might, as this joke never tires.

Anyway, this post was originally titled to let you know that SN is now in competition with slightly larger media outlets. And I’m not talking about the Dispatch. It seems I was not the only one waiting outside Max & Erma’s.

More on this later.


ps- I’ll let you make your own comparisons. (note how the sun shines down upon our angel.)

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  • Anonymous

    those are some really cute pictures.

    what are you doing this weekend? (well Saturday at least)