pay-to-play culture of corruption

it’s everywhere i look. if the page isn’t slobbering over a picture of dave kaylor, it has one of these crazy religious right people pointing at things and saying them. i am sick of the things.
did you know rod parsley’s home is valued at one hundred million thousand million dollars? and his church, or 132-acre “complex” has more to offer than a super Wal-Mart? He even tells people that God wants him to be rich! (”If we stay poor, how are we going to relieve the poor?”)There are no posters of jesus in his church, just giant slimy pics of him promoting his book. there are secret-service-type security guards in the aisles at his sunday-morning services! this is just like paul in athens. ha! can you imagine?

i am sick of the things! shut up shut up shut up. no hand for you! i must i slap it.

it feels like everything is waiting until september to happen. she was right. there will be no new news until after labor day weekend.

today i went to my first real grown-up press conference. it was fun. lots of cameras and tv personalities. no gabe speigel. i’m pretty sure rising gas prices forced the station to scale back on the 2005 model. i heard it didn’t come with legs, so i’m not sure he’ll be out on the beat much. sigh. but those teeth…so…white…and perfect…yet so…serious.

i had a question all ready, but the family was escorted off stage because they are too grief-stricken to speak with the media. lots of people were mad about this and started yelling “i’m just trying to do my job, here.” the blond lady was particularly pissed. she seemed pissed the whole time, though, so i don’t know.

my question was going to be “who do you think is responsible?”

isn’t that good?!

i guess that was all i wanted to know, really.

if you are ever bargain shopping, don’t go for Big K 50/50. Although it has half the carbs and calories of the regular Big K, i think it secretly might just be tangy brown water.

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