(Don’t Fear) The Reaper.


have i told you about the creepy guy living outside our “apartment complex”?

i first noticed this dude the week seth was in D.C.

he would hang out on the neighbor’s front porch without a shirt, which i didn’t think was weird, because our neighbor rarely wears a shirt, and one would assume his friends would have a similar attitude toward apparel. (our neighbor does, however, sport tiny cut-off jean shorts on a regular basis — and he’s old. and toothless! but classy, in a Clintonville kind of way. ha!)

anyway, this dude would sit outside there for several hours at a time, smoking and drinking Milwaukee’s Best. He made several trips back and forth from the car to the porch.

we didn’t know for sure why this guy was visiting our neighbor so much until he asked about the peppers.

“hey man, my wife and i are going through a divorce. things are real tough right now. are you gonna eat your peppers?”

seth reluctantly agreed to let this man eat a few of our peppers (we had been growing from tiny plants all season). he really had to make some stuffed peppers after his wife left him, it seems.

i had my first conversation with this man tonight.

“hey, you want a cat?” he asked, beer in hand, pointing a cigarette that really needed to be ashed toward the bushes.

i did not see a cat, but i informed him that i was sorry, but i am allergic. i guess his wife left him with all the cats. there were four cats total, but he has managed to give three of them away.

apparently making trips back and forth to the house has become a burden, so he has pulled his car up in the back yard, where he sits now, drinking and smoking and listening to 70s rock very loudly.

i guess i cannot judge. those that know me well will remember one night at OU when i came home a little too…late, and spent some quality time in an automobile myself.

this is a very intriguing situation. the music floats in my window on a warm summer breeze. don’t need no credit car to ride this train.

you can’t get anything like this in January. i will keep you updated.

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