poison by iodine

i think it is important to tell you that i went to joe’s crab shack tonight to celebrate my birthday. i drank something called the tie-dye, which is a mixture of s. daquiri, frozen margarita, rum slushi, and some sort of greenie-meanie. in other words: the girliest drunk i ever drank. three cheers for the “twist and shout” as we were calling it by the end of the gallon jug it came in.

thank you, mom.

in other news. lappy-top. top. i got a lappy-top. there is a dance that goes with this, but i cannot demonstrate it here. not an ibook after all. i’m not mature enough to make the switch just yet. (see above and below) once we have children, maybe.

thank you, husband.

now i can stay on the east side and type my stories in from Starbucks. this is ultra-sexy. moreso than george clooney.

i read something on i, robert that describes every entry i have ever composed here: now i am officially boring-talking.

thank you, mama.

for making me gold pants.

ones i can dance in.

and make romance it.

lucinda serve, if you are here, congratulations on your new parents. i hope the cutting of the belly goes well. and i hope the coughing stops. hurry up. maybel is waiting.

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