happy anniversary, me.

hello hello.

i still like my job.

it’s been a week, so i think that’s good. lots of hours until i figure out a nice routine. i still get clippings from the Dispatch on my desk that say things like “house in reynoldsburg explodes” or stuff about levies or mayors or 105-year-old ladies. i’m not quite sure yet how to stay on top of the game. it will come. i mean, i learned where the bathrooms and coffee station are. one step at a time.

channel 4 news was at a conference i was covering. later on the 11 o’clock you could see me, standing in the back, eating a cookie, drinking a Hi-C. sorry. i know, eating a source’s snacks leads to a serious conflict of interest, but i was pouting. the seven-foot-four broadcast journalism lady had a crowd of bewildered old men around her. i couldn’t get a word in edgewise. she was so pretty, with a long all-white professionally tailored business suit. and those eyes. and that hair. so long. and stuff…she had them wrapped around her finger. i think one of them tried to touch her. eventually her hispanic camera man got antsy and the two split. i was there, however, until the end. i’ll let you know how it went.

ps- from now on, i would like you all to refer to me as “scoops” teter. thank you, theteet.blogspot.com

pss- one year ago today i got married. isn’t that rad? we spent some time in amish land this weekend. we stayed in an amazing suite. we went to a winery. there were many other nice things. i think it might have been our best date ever. but as with most things that stick too close to my heart, i’m not going to tell you much about it here. i expect you to do the same.

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  • Strader

    In case you don’t check your voicemail… Happy Anniversary. It’s important that we all celebrate the union… it’s encouragement and stuff.