i know my boss is reading this right now

but can he fire me if the writing is totally awesome?


anyway, you can’t stop me from talking about my new job. there will be no names, nothing really negative, just some slightly exaggerated (for purposes of hilarity, strength of story, added character, etc.) anecdotes for the pleasure of my readers from all around the globe. (who are you, united kingdom?)

anyway, so much for syllabus day.

my first day i walked in, they handed me a stack of paperwork, told me the mayor of Reynoldsburg had been in a motorcycle accident, and told me to have something for them by 2:00.

umm…could you please tell me where the bathrooms are?

later on in the day, i received word that i would be covering (among thousands of other stories that had piled up since the last reporter left two weeks ago) a City Council meeting whose agenda included every reporter’s favorite words: levy discussion. so i beefed up on my millage and renewal v. replacement etc., (home owners must be geniuses) got out of the office at 5 and was at the meeting by 6. The meeting lasted two and a half hours and i got back to the office at 9. Deadline = 9:30.

I….I feel so alive! (thanks, P.O.D. with special guest Chris Cantoni)

I got home at 10 and thank our Sweet Baby Lord that Seth and the baby dog were waiting for me on the front porch. I needed a good old-fashioned face-licking. and Maybel. She was glad to see me too. I cried and cried and told Seth I was going back to the ‘Bucks and that i wasn’t cut out for that kind of work and whine whine this and whine whine that. it was awful. it appears a relatively stress-free, carefree life has caught up with me. Deadlines?! Lines of Death?! you mean, like, the Chantico is getting ready to expire? The milk has dropped below 120 degrees? You’ve got to be kidding me.

The good news is that although my stories were awful, i have learned a ton already, and i can’t wait to get back into the swing. I have a desk, and i can hear other reporters on the phone. People run around sometimes waving papers (ok, only once, and it wasn’t really a full wave…but it was on its way) And there are a ton of OU grads there, including “Megan,” who almost beat me up my freshman year when she was really drunk because i wouldn’t date her friend Easy. and including Garth, whose real name i will use for obvious reasons. he is the kid that shows up everywhere – in all your classes, at all the parties. and of course, he was there, at work. sitting on the computer, typing. of course he was. we have never talked.

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  • cat.

    dear lyndsey t. remember how the last time we talked using faces it was, oh, 2002? 2003, maybe? something like that. anyway, reading this entry today has finally signaled to me that it’s time to say something that’s been true for a long time now but hard to say, and here it is: i’m very proud of you, and to know you. there you have it. see you in 2007.

  • Monsterbeard

    Dear LT: Happy anniversary if we don’t speak before then. I’m glad that POD is staying with you. Their new album drops… I don’t actually know. I also don’t understand use of the word “drop” in that context.

    I am also proud of you, in a jealous way. Then again, I’m still taking it easy with my slack job. Things to look forward to: being so cranky that you bitch at your co-workers and end up frowning a lot. Hello, you delightful 45-year old who makes children cry by your presence.

    I am just kidding. Good job. Stay true. This is a step to the better things you dream of when you’re stuck awake with hope.

  • Megan

    I’m real behind, I know, but perhaps this will help anyway: http://www.flickr.com/photos/84828626@N00/32602359/
    p.s. the phrase “real behind” is used correctly, and I would encourage you to use it in a story sometime.
    p.p.s. You know my mom’s best friend (the journalist) wrote about buying school supplies with me when I was 5. It was in the Great Bridge Somethingorother. Just so you know.