i think what is happening here is that

the good Lord has finally gotten around to answering my prayers from last winter (“can we get some degrees up in here, baby?!?) and now, suddenly, he has given me ninety of them all at once. i am currently petitioning to spread the degrees out. at least thirty of these could be used in January, i mean, come on.

Mae, RE: your email, i hear you loud and clear and i nod my head eagerly in agreement. and by the way, upon registration, this is what i found for you. you likey? for all your simultaneous zesting needs.

tonight is the final close at Starbucks. The Last Trip to the basement will occur tonight. Mochas, malt, Universal Beverage Base (this does exist…) caramels, Frapp base, soy…all will be packed tightly into their cabinets tonight. i get a knot in my stomach just thinking about this. No more syrup lists…no more crates of Izze or hot sleeves or pastry bags or those chinese to-go boxes from promotions long ago…(will they EVER run out of those things?)

There are many things i know now that i didn’t know going in there just over one year ago. you can find some of them here, in the most amazing letter-style tribute ever made by a mortal. there are other things i know. i will tell you shortly.

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  • Megan

    Is it really that serious?
    Am I doing the wrong thing by considering accepting this perfectly practical administrative position, or should I hold out for barista action?

  • cat.

    well, i have never been a barista and nor am likely to ever be, but the good ones always put a little bit of themselves in the cups too, right? that sounds serious enough to me. and mighty tasty too. i tend to think of them like doctors. though, a perfectly practical administrative position sounds just as serious, so.

  • Megan

    What part of themselves, exactly?

    LynZ- Saw this, thought you’d get a kick, kinda goes with the post:

    I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.
    - Mahatma Gandhi

  • michele

    fingernails are pretty standard. If you’re lucky you might find an eyelash.

  • cat.

    point taken.

  • L-Jo

    i thought it was nice, anyway.

    megan, don’t “hold out” for barista action, but it’s the kind of thing you want to jump on if presented to you in a time of unemployment. also, there is something about making people their coffee. i’m telling you, dude. there is.

  • gross!

    p.s.–by the way, thanks for “spilling the beans” about the trade secret, cat.


    but the girl tells the truth, there really is something about it.