This is why we are in our bikinis.

No, it’s not the beach. It is Ohio. 92 degrees at 90 percent humidity. Maybel definitely wins the swimsuit competition. Mr. Seth and Senor Hedgie just don’t look natural.

I feel so tough living without air conditioning. Like a pioneer. And although Chris Bradley has warned of spontaneous combustion, we are not over 65 and we are not infants, so i think technically we are allowed to live like this, with the constant southern glow, the inability to cook dinner, reluctance to do dishes or vacuum Maybel off the couch, the floors, the walls.

So whenever i feel ultra-funktified for no reason, and this is a seasonal thing i think, i cut my hair. It feels nice at the back of my neck. it looks a little too mushroomy, but that’s nothing a little razor blade action won’t fix. does this make me a cutter? that was so not funny.

We ate some Jazz N Ribs after church this afternoon and now we’re off…an evening stroll to Giant Eagle (a semi-weekly event that I will miss desperately in the harsh winter months — man, Xtreme weather sucks!!) for some fresh bread, soon-to-be-frozen grapes and some chicken salad — this season’s must-have.

Do you think it would be funny to hire a pony? for a party? where the only attendees are you, your husband and your dog? how about if the wife just follows the husband around videotaping him riding the pony and opening gifts? what if there is a huge cake? how much does it cost to host a pony party? hey, i love you guys.

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  • Senor……Not Hedgie

    Senor Hedgie? (question mark?)

  • L-Jo

    so sorry for misleading you.

    aka senor hedgie.