is there anybody in here?

I feel naked and alone.

1. Happiness is found in having things.
2. Get all you can for yourself.
3. Get it all as quickly as you can.
4. Win at all costs.
5. Violence is entertaining.
6. Always seek pleasure and avoid boredom.

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  • Anonymous

    Can I be the pleasure you seek?

  • cat.

    dear lyndsey teeter. i am sorry you feel so alone. if it’s a comfort, i know that feeling very well, and it sometimes feels like you’ll never stop feeling that way–but i promise you, i give you my word even, that you always do stop feeling that way.

  • lemonscarlet

    L-jo…have I mentioned before…you are great. Also, even people who never seem alone feel alone. And…I always thougth that if I found someone who really loved me, I woud never ever feel alone. Well, I did. And I still feel like that sometimes…take heart, lady. You are great. j-do p.s. find a fabulous coffee shop and read harry potter…it always makes me feel wonderful…