good news for you porchers.

when did it get so hot again?

it’s tuesday afternoon. i am off work. this is possibly the last tuesday afternoon i will ever have off again. excluding vacations, of course. i’m making my peace with tuesday.

anyway, it’s hot. like, i could puke if i move hot. so instead of lunch, i made a light snack. possibly the best light snack ever made by a mortal.

start off with a buttery sort of can go wheat if you’d like, but i prefer Toastedos. spread upon the toastedo some guava jelly. it is orange and you can get it in the hispanic section at giant eagle. then sprinkle feta cheese on the cracker. and indulge. make sure you are on the front porch and have an ice tea handy. it is also important to be able to hear the blues from the record player inside your house.

don’t ask me how i learned these three tastes dance so well together. suffice to say it was a great summer with the greek lady and the mexican. we had so many adventures. it is too hot to get into it right now. just trust me.

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