swelled bellies and hearts

the story here is that this was a good trip to Athens.

Everyone was there. old ghosts reminding me of how good it used to be without quite being as good as the actual moment. just enough to recollect. which is as close as i’ll ever want it to get.

jess meyer, bryony, strader, cantoni, tootle, leo, cookes, pyles, antonuccios, remnants and of course a klingler. jared and jon. all the stranger’s faces whose blogs i read every day. there were a few big names missing, but i must say it felt good. it felt pretty damn good.

can you believe it’s been over a year already?

so i’m starting this new job in two weeks and everything has slowed down now so i can remember it. i’m not sure this will be THE career for me, maybe another Starbucks year, where I pick things up along the way, make some friends and trip and stumble into being good for maybe the last three months and then i’ll be allowed to leave again.

maybe i’ll go back to athens, where the dirty hippy children and the barefoot pregnant ladies dance in the streets. maybe i’ll put on a long skirt and a tank top, wrap my hair in a scarf and go into some sort of social work.

our baby went down the stairs by herself for the first time on saturday. i sowed the seed and seth reaped the harvest this time. she is currently chewing on my diploma, which is hilarious.

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