here comes basic cable tv

a laptop, and grown-up clothes.

that was the deal i made with my husband.

i got a job as a reporter yesterday. For SNP. This doesn’t excite me as much as the idea of years from now, working at The Other Paper or Columbus Monthly. I am a CM Media nerd. Can’t get enough of them.

but i must warn those i love (because that’s the way He’ll get to me): watch out for falling pianos, anvils, etc. this all happened too easy. i sent out one resume about a week and a half ago, was called for an interview a few days later, and was hired yesterday. this must be God, toying with me. He doesn’t just give things out like this — especially so easily and especially things you haven’t earned somehow. He just doesn’t work abundantly like that. Be nervous, loved ones. He must be buttering me up for some greater tragedy.

tongue-in-cheek, Killey McGee.

(now you guys are really in trouble.)

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