Descendents of abraham, issac, jeramiah…

if you are a child of god, sanctified, etc., please say a prayer for me around 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. if it is already past this time, please say one anyway. i’m pretty sure these things work retroactively.

in the meantime, i am learning about Columbus, or Clumbus, as the locals call it. I now know that i want to be dan williamson when i grow up. He is good-looking and chiseled, but his articles are refreshingly not frat-boy-like and smart. It’s the contrast, really, between what is expected and what is received that makes me happy in this case. That and the articles about baseball. Very Gay Talese.

I now know that Gentrification is happening and is bad. Do you know what this means? If not, go here for a quick lesson.

Does everyone already know about this? If so, let me know, because I am thinking of suggesting it for a feature. I am thinking of finding a minority family who has recently had to ask their cousin/aunt/grandparents/boyfriends to move into the home they have occupied for 25 years to help pay skyrocketing rents – money, later on, that will be used to pave the streets gold for the hipster/gallery/condo making its way into their soon-to-be-fabulous neighborhood. wouldn’t that just fit perfectly? But! i also don’t want to commit the 187 interview tactic of suggesting a topic they did a 5-week expose on in March of 2003. Didn’t I catch that one?! Do i even READ the publication I am applying to work for?

I think I am finally starting to get excited.

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