my effing car got towed.

doesn’t that suck?

the problem is: every second friday of the months from April-October.

July 8th IS the second Friday. Don’t be confused. The second THURSDAY, however, is in three days. Do not park your car across the street from my house this day. How do you have a second Friday before a second Thursday? Don’t ask me, it must be street cleaning science.

So here’s what we did:

We painted a rock. See Genesis 28:20-22.
We felt that this verse was a good metaphor for life, especially if your name is Jacob, and especially if the verse is stenciled on a garden-approved rock in a cool typewriter font. (we have stamps, we used tinted exterior primer and a clear sealant. we are the best godparents. ever. take that!) man, i can only hope our kids will be able to have someone so smart to sponsor their baptism. it was a cool event. an old church. the HS was there. i felt it and that made me happy. little jacob was not happy, however, when they poured water on his head. being a soldier in God’s kingdom is hard. from the beginning.

Lyndsey F. and Matt H. Congratulations. Sounds like all the planning has been pretty stress-free. Maybe you’ll be the first couple in the history of the world to a) get married and b) not totally freak out.

I miss Mae. And not only because the $8,000 question on Meredith today was: What do you call a rapid or irregular beating of the heart? The answer was A. Palpitation. Are you going to see Cosigner on Saturday? I think we are. And then camping? possibly? I hope? Let’s both be available for talking at the same time!

I am interviewing Wednesday with SNP. They have 22 suburban news weeklies. Surely they have a space for me somewhere? I might have to take a pay cut, but at least i’ll be doing something. filling space and time with words. instead of mochas.

weird things that Maybel does/is doing:
a) break into the bathroom and staring at me while i shower.
b) lick my legs for over 5 minutes at a time.
c) chew my dirty underwear.
d) eat ants.

there is no flow to this entry, but i will not apologize. you knew what you were getting in to, didn’t you?

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  • this might be somewhat of a lie

    if you put lotion on your legs, the dog will chew it off. my parents have two puppies. i used to have two legs.

  • jessm

    dude, remember when your car got towed and i believe it was something along the lines of “well i was late to spanish and he is in china”

    i am sorry it got towed again.

  • no no, it’s totally true about the lotion.

    Sometimes I still dream about what walking was like.

    congrats on being the godparents. That sounds really amazing.

    What were we praying for retroactively at 3:30? Did I miss the memo? Can we know now?