what’s the apostle’s creed, again?

halfway through their fourth of july picnic, hosts paul and christy teter called lyndsey and seth out onto the front porch.

can we talk to you guys for a second? christy asks.

umm, yeah. sure. they reply.

counting baby jacob, the group of five went out onto the porch, where new guests were arriving.

we’ll just wait until they go inside to do this, christy says.

are we in trouble? lyndsey asks.

insert five minutes of talking with said guests, shuffling and awkwardness. guests go inside.

you talk, paul. christy says


we want to know if you guys will be godparents to our baby. paul says.

insert sigh of relief.

we’re going to be godparents! is that exciting to you? don’t you want to know what that means? well, eGodparent.com says this:

Christian Godparents must:
1. Pray for your godchild regularly
2. Set an example of Christian living
3. Help him/her to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in which he was baptized
4. Give every encouragement to follow Christ and fight against evil
5. Help your godchild to look forward to confirmation.

Of particular interest is objective number 4b, or the fighting against evil. i am thinking of all sorts of fun Christmas ideas for baby Jacob. Breast plate of Righteousness, shin guards of chastity, etc. Or this? Maybe not. Isn’t that a good name, by the way? Jacob. So Biblical-sounding and strong. No wonder it is the most popular name of 2005.

Anyway, so we’re totally honored and excited. we’re thinking of something nice to get for the baptism (aka “big J’s dunking”) on Sunday. Something sincere. Something that will make his parents happy because he’s just a dumb baby for now. later Seth can teach him about trees and stuff, but for now, he is just a handsome little pooper – all bundled in original sin and the sin of fathers before him, etc. i was thinking about writing him a letter, or getting him a baby Bible or something. Do you have any suggestions? have any of you ever done this before? thank you for your help. lt.

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  • Anonymous

    This is a good question. You want to get the kid a present which is something both spiritual and meaningful. However, you want to still somehow come out as “Cool Aunt Lyndsey”. So where’s the compromise? I suggest something religious, practical, and awesome. Something like a baby blue moped with a giant nerf cross affixed to the rear. This way he can tool around town, picking up chicks. And they can sit in comfort on the rear of the bike while the neon orange nerf offers a gentle lumbar support, as Jacob taxis them on to their vacation bible schooling.

    Either that, or a book. Prefferably one about elves.

  • cat.

    hey ljo, i think writing a letter sounds really good, and something else: i don’t know if this works, but maybe some sort of baby blanket or something he can have for a long time. in lieu of that idea, the moped is pretty much the ticket.