unsalted crackers, ten cents a pound.

Today in the library, i finally acquired the Best American Non-Required Reading 2004 with an introduction by Viggo Mortensen. I can’t wait. However first! I must force myself to finish Middlesex by that creepy guy named Joe in the turtleneck.

Today in the library, i saw the Girl Who Looks Like Cat. Seriously, she does. the GWLLC always sets me up for disapointment. It walks like her. It talks like her. It is in the library. i wonder how God will justify this.

Today in the library I had to pay some fines (Windsor Pilates, $2.00, Day After Tommorrow, $1.00, Curb Your Enthusiasm Season One, $4.00, Breeding Your Purebred Bulldog, $.30) and the man who took my money looked exactly like Steve Tootle. Those who know Steve may agree that he has a distinct look about him, but this guy managed to copy it down to the capaccino glasses, the parting of the hair, everything. he also started talking at me about books i should read and things i should do, which was informative and helpful, and i laughed at a joke he made although i didn’t really understand it until later. perfect!

A woman had a school of Jesus fish on her car. i was trying to provoke her so that she would cut me off or flip me off or flash me or something because that would ultimately have made a better story.

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  • cat.

    cat like me cat? or cat like meow cat? in certain circles, this is the same thing.

  • L-Jo

    totally you, kid. this lady has got the look. nana na na na.